Extra-Curricular Kids, Part 2 of 3

Here's another response, from a father of 2 boys, to my plea for counsel regarding extra-curricular activity for children. You can read my email & other responses on yesterday's post.

Responder #4

Here’s what we have done:

1) Involved them in sports that [my wife] and I enjoy (Baseball, football)

2) Wanted activities that would not pull our family apart. The boys played baseball at the same fields, though not always on the same team.

3) Prioritized church and family time over sports time.

4) 1-2 activities per year (baseball in Spring, football in Fall)

5) Look for activities w/ shorter seasons.

6) NO traveling teams!

7) Teams where winning isn’t everything. We want them to learn to be part of a team, contribute, grow in character, learn to be good winners and losers and have a lot of fun.

One more response tomorrow. Hope these are helpful.

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Jenny said...

Great post series! I often wonder about these things. Lots of things to wonder and pray about as a parent, aren't there?