My Latest Logo

After I first saw the logos I linked in Tuesday's post, as well as these current trends, I was better inspired a few weeks ago to design this logo for our college Bible study series this summer.

I went with the "hidden" element as I used the person's head and body as the "O" and "A" in "One Another". I had one primary inspiration for the substance of this design - the "one another's of the New Testament (notice the "other" people in the upper right). My primary inspiration for the style was this:

I love little people.


Gina said...

As I was sitting in church Sunday morning and saw the logo my first thought was "I wonder if they meant for that to look like Little People" Well, if I'd only known who designed it, I wouldn't have had to ask myself that. Love it! :) And for what it's worth, I love LP, too!

Aaron said...

Thanks Gina - glad you like it.

Here's to the Little People!